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Serimax is a specialised welding company who offer a range of services to support industry demands from basic to sophisticated welding parameters. With over 40 years experience, we offer specialist expertise in fully integrated welding, fabrication, engineering, technology, field joint coating, nuclear, inspection, training, research & development and full project management services.

Operating in the most extreme conditions and challenging environments, we support these market sectors in all welding applications from deep, ultra deep (HPHT), nuclear, landlines, and fabrication.This covers offshore from seabed to surface, spoolbase, multijointing, subsea fabrication, landlines and onshore fabrication.

We are passionate about what we do and invest heavily in R&D, to meet tomorrow’s challenges head on. With a dedicated pool of 50 R&D specialists we have the capabilities and infrastructure to address the complexities associated with working in seismic environments and corrosion fatigue problems to comply with strain based design criteria in any industry.


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Latest Figures

In 2019, Serimax welded more than 145,000 welds of which 98.2% were Right First Time! Including more than 11,200 CRA welds delivered with stringent criteria.

Our clients have once again trusted the quality of our equipments and services, allowing Serimax to work on 57 projects, in the Oil&Gas and infrastructure industry.

Our flexibility and adaptability also enabled Serimax’ teams to be dispatched in 18 countries.


HSEQS remains at the heart of all our operations. We have a strong HSEQ culture which is centred around behaviours, management leadership and commitment. Our experienced team apply this at work, at home and on the road.

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