Serimax offer their expertise across the industry, including Nuclear and are accredited to NSA, F4N and Achilles. 

We provide consultancy through our parent company Valinox and support translation of the mandate by the nuclear industry where all new builds are to French specification. 


Our staff who currently work in the manufacturing sector, recently received the Triple Bar – Nuclear Manufacturing training in order to further their understanding of the nuclear industry.

Key knowledge requirements were presented in three linked modules;

Basic Nuclear Awareness (BNA) - this module covered elements such as; what constitutes a nuclear power plant; radiation & contamination and safety compliance.

Basic Nuclear Quality (BNQ) – this module covered the quality requirements for nuclear manufacturing, including design specifications, quality documentation and the consequences of poor or failed components.

Basic Nuclear Behaviours (BNB) – this module covered the importance of safe behaviours and the nuclear safety culture including human performance tools and techniques for the prevention of error and workplace observations.





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