Premium Fabrication and welding partner

For over 20 years, Serimax has developed a strong track record in fabricating high-quality pipeline components for both offshore and onshore worldwide. Whether in fixed or temporary worksites, we achieve our clients’ applications based on full fabrication capabilities.

Offering end to end solutions

Serimax has developed a high level of expertise in the fabrication and refurbishment of subsea structures, pipelines, components and process plants. We can fabricate a wide variety of components, including spoolpieces, jumpers, pipeline end terminations (PLETs), pipeline and manifolds (PLEMs) and sleds. As part of our integrated service approach, we offer full turnkey projects solutions. This includes the set-up of the yard, assembling, lifting and moving pieces, fabrication engineering, welding, non-destructive testing, hydro testing, logistics management, subcontractor management.

Field proven equipment and innovation

We provide incremental and breakthrough innovations in welding approach and technology to support our clients in their most complex fabrication projects: welding in all positions and with all manual and automatic processes for spoolpieces, jumpers and structural elements, whether standard Carbon Steel or SuperDupleix materials. Our projects successes provide crucial feedback for continuous improvement in welding and associated operations, and we capitalize on these to ensure we deliver the closest possible performance to flawless welding.

Challenging project for the long-term

We work hand in hand with our client to develop the right solution for their projects. Our track record of service provision and delivery excellence in toughest of conditions has allowed us to develop long-term partnership with leading market players on projects worldwide.