New Build

  • Serimax’ flagship automatic GTAW  has been specifically enhanced for nuclear High Integrity Components (HIC) including VVP line pipe welding
  • Achieves welds that consistently exceed minimum  RCC-M Weld quality and NDT requirements
  • Welding capabilities covering all weldable materials in all positions
  • Simple band application for piping. 30 sec tractor couple / de-couple mounting
  • Single or multiple  tractor simultaneous running abilities
  • Easy arrangement between hot/ cold wire configurations
  • Integrates with Serimax data management systems providing LTQR for every weld
  • Standard configuration: Pipe Dia ³ 4”, WT < 70mm. Easily extended

Decommissioning and Waste Management

  • Internationally structured organisation providing local support, available 24/7
  • Bespoke technology and development to meet customers needs:
  • Data Management system providing Life-Time Quality Records (LTQR)
  • Artificial Flaw manufacturing service for NDT equipment and operator validation. (Over 30,000 Artificial Flaw specimen blocks completed to-date)
  • •Unique product design
  • Manufacturing and process optimisation solution 

Welding expert

  • Welding Technology Centre
  • 45 personnel dedicated to welding and fusion research and development
  • 60+ Welding Engineers
  • Metallurgical and Materials expertise
  • Operator validation
  • Welding Engineering consultancy and support service
  • Welder and Operator training services